Khoob + Bitclout: Part 2

Our $khoob coin price as of April 5 is $274.11. We launched the experiment on April 1 where the price of our coin was $2.18.

Firstly much love to our initial $khoob coin buyers and followers. The last few days have been pretty interesting, not only for Bitclout in general (the daily user growth numbers floating around are bonkers), but with the concept we are trying to experiment with: A decentralised VC firm using Bitclout. Our initial post can be found here.

I’ve had some extremely interesting conversations with some of our followers and friends in the venture space regarding this experiment of ours. I figured it would be helpful to current and future $khoob coin holders with a quick set of FAQs.

Q). Is there a $ for $ ownership for investors as a micro LP / $khoob coin holder?

A). No. Right now we want to keep it very simple. Every quarter we will be using 10% of the Khoob proceeds to purchase $khoob coin. What this essentially means is that if we are investing in / building /growing the right startups we should have more income in the form of dividends, rev share, secondary sales, liquidation events, etc to purchase $khoob coin, resulting to a natural increase in the value of the$khoob coin. So if you are an early investor you should see the ROI.

Q). Is there a lock-in period for investors.

A). No. Firstly, in this tokenised approach it would be difficult to implement. Secondly, we want to keep this process extremely simple for coin holders.

Q). Is there a lock-in period for Khoob?

A). Yes. We will not be selling any Khoob coins for the year of 2021. This is to hedge the risk of us dumping our own coins and to also see how the Bitclout platform evolves. Starting 2022 we will take another look into this and we may sell ~5%-10% of our coins to recycle back into our investments, but we will figure this out and revisit this with a post explaining the plan prior to pushing this out.

Q). Whats are the next plans for this experiment?

A). We will be posting our latest investments and companies on our Bitclout feed. Click here to follow us. We are also waiting for Bitclout to open up their APIs as we have some really interesting ideas we would like to explore for our coin holders. eg. a granular dashboard, transparency, portfolio insights, beta invites to our latest products, etc.

Q). What are your expectations from the micro LPS / $Khoob coin holders?

A). For right now, support and feedback on how we can better our selves. Also we would love our coin holders to become users and ideally champions of our portfolio companies mainly because incentives directly align here ie. better the portfolio companies do, more $khoob coins are bought by us and higher it’s value/

Q). To whom can I direct my other questions?

A). (I’m the founder).

Part 1 of this post can be found here.