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  • Phil Pearlman

    Phil Pearlman

    Marketing Director, Bank of the Ozarks

  • Justin Shaffer

    Justin Shaffer

    MLB.com - Hot Potato - Facebook - racing sailboats - skiing

  • Harish Venkatesan

    Harish Venkatesan

    founder @trydesignlab

  • Angam Parashar

    Angam Parashar

    Co-founder @ParallelDots, and FC Barcelona fan. Tweets about startups, football, and anything else that is worth tweeting.

  • Dipesh Parashar

    Dipesh Parashar

  • Saiyam Vora

    Saiyam Vora

  • Nitansh Rastogi

    Nitansh Rastogi

    Assistant Editor @91mobiles | Bookworm | Cryptocurrency enthusiast (Have you subscribed to LastWeekinCrypto yet?) | Human Web Crawler | Philatelist | Tech Geek

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