Our $khoob coin price as of April 5 is $274.11. We launched the experiment on April 1 where the price of our coin was $2.18.

Firstly much love to our initial $khoob coin buyers and followers. The last few days have been pretty interesting, not only for Bitclout in general (the daily user growth numbers floating around are bonkers), but with the concept we are trying to experiment with: A decentralised VC firm using Bitclout. Our initial post can be found here.

I’ve had some extremely interesting conversations with some of our followers and friends in the venture space regarding this experiment of ours. I figured it would be helpful to current and future $khoob coin holders with a quick set of FAQs.

Q). Is…

Starting price for our coin is $2.18 / Khoob coin

Experiments are fun.

I recently came across Bitclout, and I love the underlying concept. It’s ballsy, will it work? — time will tell. I think Bitclout as a thesis is moving towards the right direction. Decentralised Social Media networks will be the next thing and allowing users to own their own social equity and monetise that is the future.

Last year I started an experimental fund, Khoob. The idea was to invest in and build interesting Indian companies (a Betaworks / Expa for India). Thus far we have made 4 investments, and are building 4 companies. …

Before I proceed, I need to say that I’m a huge fan of blockchain technologies and I personally think it’s one of the greatest inventions since the internet. This is the future and it’s going no where.

In 2017 I had founded Quadarch, our aim was to become India’s first Crypto Hedge Fund. We spent about a year building out a team, technology and strategies to allow Indian’s to hold and grow crypto assets safely. Unfortunately before we could officially get out of beta, we had to shut down due to the 2018 ban on crypto currencies in India. Since…

Original post can be found on the Khoob Medium Account.

We are happy to announce our early stage investment into Hype Technologies.

Hype provides rental services for luxury mobility in the form of luxury cars, yachts and private jets. They are currently serving Indian customers and will be launching in Dubai in March 2021.

We recently launched the new Khoob website, so the team decided to do a Q&A session with me. Below is the Q&A session. I think it does a good job of explaining what Khoob is about. The original post can be found here.

With the launch of our new website, we decided to have a quick Q&A session with our Founder, Nav Chatterji. Enjoy.

What is Khoob?

We are a company that builds and invests in interesting Indian companies. Although we’ve been working on the concept for a while now, we were officially founded in 2019 and are based out of New Delhi.

Great website who made it?

Over the past year or so I have been working with the team at Sanscubicle (launching later this month) on a concept that explores the future of work in India. During this time there have been many debates on what the future of work could look like based on which I wrote my last post: What will the future of work look like in the 2020s and beyond? I guess we can all agree if you want to build something for the future you need to dig into it’s past a bit.

So what has the history of work looked…

Getting fired remotely? Back to the Future saw this coming in the 1980s.

Over the past year or so I have been working with the team at Sanscubicle (launching later this month) on a concept that explores the future of work in India. During this time there have been many debates on what the future of work could look like.

2020 gave us an accelerated look at what work might look like, but what will it look like in 2021 and beyond? Following are some of my thoughts.

Technology, Automation and the Modern Workforce.

Work-weeks, work-hours, work-places, and even work-wears are getting a whole new definition…

Interviews are a core part of a company’s culture. Some are famous for their questions: eg. Google’s : “Why are manhole covers round?”. Some for their process eg. Susquehanna’s poker games as a part of the interview. Each company has their own “Interview Stack” that has evolved with time to better enable their HR teams to find the perfect fit for their companies as they scale.

Over the past few years, we have evolved our “Interview Stack” into something that is relatively simple and has been working really well for us, so I thought it might be worth sharing…

The Shorter Read:

I’m Navajeet (in Bengali, it means new victory); friends call me Nav. I’m a bit of what you would call an ABCD-FOB. I grew up in Texas, spent middle and high school in New Delhi, went to college in Philadelphia(UPENN), worked on Wall St. (New York City) and as of 2015 I moved back to India (New Delhi). Shortly after. I founded Lazy Eight — A vehicle to help and in turn learn from as many Indian brands as humanly possible. …

Nav Chatterji

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